Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Skitch Q&A #1

Just a quick little Q&A Video I shot today to answer some questions that have built up over at the Forums at TGWTG.com, on my Youtube account, and otherwise. :) Not too many for this first video, but feel free to ask more questions, and I could even make this a daily thing if there's enough demand! And apologies to Lunaboy, I should've also noted that I'm not much of a lyrics person, so even if I was writing a more pop/rock song, Lyrics are something that I probably wouldn't be involved in writing myself...yet. :) If you want to ask questions, either comment below, check out the YouTube version, or visit my group at TGWTG.


  1. Holy crap, my question is the still frame!! :D
    Thanks for responding, I would love to see more of these Q & A's.

    One of my main problems is actually assembling a full song. I have tiny fragments that work individually, but I have trouble building on them. Any advice for creating a solid melody or adding on to fragments of songs?

  2. Hey, Skitch! Yawret here from the Lordkat channel on geekshed.

    I've got a bunch of questions to ask, so here goes.

    1. What genre of music is your favorite to work on? And what is your preferred instrument and instrument sample? I use strings and choirs too much myself.

    2. Have you heard of OverClocked Remixes? (ocremix.org) If yes, what do you think of the work of the remixers in that community? If no, how has that passed you by? Check it out NAO!

    3. Do you rearrange or remix video game music? And have you submitted it anywhere?

    4. As a follow up for the previous question... Do you prefer to rearrange or to work on original compositions?

    5. What's your least favorite genre? What genre makes you grind your teeth?

    That's it.. For now.. Be sure to check out http://soundclick.com/attitude4lifebeats

    PS! Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?