Friday, January 8, 2010

UPDATE - No Famicom Fridays for today...

...but I'm working on ideas for the next few episodes. Basically I'll be doing a few episodes of Famicom Fridays talking about some of the games I picked up last weekend at MAGFest, specifically ones that have specialized soundchips and otherwise. These are games that feature different music than what we would've found on the US NES, and I feel that it'd be fun to share these games with you all.

I'll make a video talking about these games briefly either after I get home from work tonight (at 1AM..), or during Saturday. I'll also talk a little bit about MAGFest in general, and answering some questions that I wasn't able to answer during the Q&A's that were held with the TGWTG crew.

Next, some video ideas I'm planning on doing include ones talking about music composition/songwriting in general...kind of in the same vein as Famicom Fridays, but focused moreso on just general music theory/composition. In addition, I'm planning on doing at least one video talking about the DSiWare game I did music for (Hot and Cold), and how I did some of the tracks for that game. There should be some time in the near future for all of this to be done. :)

Lastly, I'm making a small request out to you all. For Famicom Fridays, I'm looking for two things if possible. One is someone who can act as a Pixel Artist to help create a new logo/title screen for the show, while keeping with the idea of making it look like a Famicom/NES title screen. The other is a request for loans on particular Famicom titles that have unique soundchip/music in them for me to talk about in future episodes. These titles include the Famicom Disk System version of Gyruss and Dracula II/Castlevania II, as well as cart versions of Madara and Gimmick!

I'm not asking for permanent donations of these games, and I really don't want to ask people for money to help me get these games...but if anyone out there either has these titles, or knows someone who might have it, it'd mean a lot to me if someone could help out in getting my hands on these games to at least play/talk about them.

At any rate folks, if you are interested in helping out either with the pixel work or game hunting, please contact me when you can. :)

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