Monday, November 23, 2009

Piano might be on the way! Until then...get the vote out!

I think a little 8-bit 'piano' action is called for to celebrate this pleasant turn of events!  When the new Yamaha Upright is in the house, I'll see about posting up some pictures of it or something, but that'll have to wait for later. :)

There's a new song added under "Originals Works for Clients," entitled "Last Call at the Pixel Palace."  It's a work that I did for the folks at That Guy With the Glasses, so be sure to go over there and show them some love.


In fact, you should probably vote for some of the folks there for the Mashable Open Web Awards.  Specifically, by request of them, vote for The Angry Video Game Nerd for Best Online Video Web Series, and The Spoony One for Funniest Person to Follow!

So for now, listen, comment, and VOTE!

The Spoony One - Funniest Person to Follow

Angry Video Game Nerd - Best Online Video Web Series

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