Sunday, November 22, 2009

Probable Future Updates, and the Quest for a Piano!

I'm going to be adding some new music to the site later on this week as I complete out a few arrangements and works for some friends.  When I do so, I will keep you all updated as well.  This week I'm going to get at least a written article together for the first installment of Famicom Fridays, and later on I'll likely try to do video renditions of the text articles (sometime when it's not Thanksgiving week, naturally!).

Other than that, in the realm of other musical excursions, I'm on the hunt for an Upright piano for the home, and if all goes well, a new one might be in place within the next few weeks!  If it does happen, I'll likely post pictures, and do some other sort of post to commemorate the event, but until then...stay tuned! Or would it be better to say 'stay in tune', that's a horrible pun.


  1. I think it was a excellent pun!

    Keep the rhythm Brother!

  2. I will, Sal, don't worry. :) Thanks for commenting!