Friday, December 25, 2009

Famicom Fridays #4: Holiday Special

There's not much holiday themed action here, but I decided to finally make an episode based on requests. Hopefully you all are having a happy holiday season, folks! :)

Here's a direct link to the Youtube version.


  1. So the difference between the subtractor and the NES chip is resolution? Can't you just downsample the subcontractor output to match?

  2. The subtractor's output really can't be downsampled to a point where it sounds right...I could try to do the downsampling while it's rendering out, but even then it's not quite as accurate as I'd like. The NES's Triangle waves actually have aliasing on them, which contributes to the tone quality of the tone.

  3. This was a fantastic Famicom bro! It was extremely informative and is greatly adding to your canon of 8-bit audio renderings! Keep up the great work Mike and I look forward to the next Famicom Friday.