Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A new member entering the household, gaming wise...

...thanks to a incredible deal I stumbled across while talking with friends, I'll soon have an authentic Japanese 8-bit system in the house! :)

Specifically, the Sharp Twin Famicom, which will make it significantly easier for me to play and hear games from the Japanese Famicom (and Famicom Disk System) side of things in their true element!

Plus, the particular model I'm getting has built in turbo controllers! Hopefully it all works, and I'll be able to put forth an update when the product arrives!

HUGE thanks go to JewWario for advising me around this acquisition. :) Now I'm fully able to play all the retro Japanese Nintendo games I could want!

I have a Famicom Title (Akumajou Densetsu), but I don't have any Famicom Disk System titles to test the console with when it gets here...any recommendations, or anyone willing to offer a disk for me to test with? Thanks for any and all help! :)

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