Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Updates, and a video featuring music by me!

Sorry I didn't get this update posted on Monday, but just to confirm, the game I did music for (Hot and Cold) DID get released on Monday on DSiWare. :) I'll get some music posted from the game in the players on the right so you all can listen, but if any of you can actually buy the title yourselves, it'd mean a lot to me. The main producer behind the game really went out of his way to get me to work on his title, and was extremely persistent on making sure the game got out. :)

I'm planning on doing some sort of video talking about the music from the game, but if there are any topics related to that you all want me to go into, feel free to suggest them in the comments below.

Now! On to other matters. Another week, another fun video featuring some music by me! Over at, one of the newest videos is a review of the infamous "Star Wars Holiday Special," which features a little music bit towards the end with music supplied by me. Thanks goes out to everyone at :)

I'm on track to getting the next episode of Famicom Fridays done for Christmas Day. At any rate, Happy Holidays everyone, and I'll have more updates later!


  1. Will you put the Santachrist song in your little music player at the side? Anyone intending to form a new religion based around the (much more awesome than jesus) Santachrist, could really do with that song to play in thier holy buildings. :)

  2. I could put up a sample of it, but I only did the music track, and don't have a version of the song with the moment at least. I can see what I can work out, though. :)

    1. I don't mind it if it doesn't have lyrics. I want to hear the full track anyways.

  3. Nice song, It's a very cool song It really fits to The song Thanks for making it. :)

  4. Yeah! Just put up whatever version you have! I can sing the lyrics myself ;)

  5. Somebody posted the NC review on YouTube. You could go to part 3, and then skip the video to the credits (the Special Thanks To part), then record that part's audio, and edit it a little bit to make it full length (so that you could sing the whole song).

  6. That was a nice track you did with the "Santa Christ". If it wasn't just so delightfully blasphemious I would nominate it for the Oscar Awards.

    Great work Mike and the guys at!